In RSS Authority Sniper 1.x, the construction and hosting of co-citation feeds was handled by Yahoo pipes. However as you already know if you are reading this article, Yahoo made the decision in summer of 2015 to close Yahoo Pipes, and the service was sunsetted in September of 2015.

In order to restore the ability to create the kinds of feeds that are effective vehicles for prolonged co-citation juice, MindLink Labs created a new feed service called RankFeedr. (

Purchasers of RSS Authority Sniper 1.x who sign up for the RankFeedr service are eligible for a free upgrade to RSS Authority Sniper 2.0, which uses the RankFeedr service.

To get your upgrade to RAS 2.0, please sign up for a RankFeedr plan, and then send in your receipt to our support desk along with the license key number of your original RSS Authority Sniper 1.x purchase.