RSS Authority Sniper uses your Feedburner account to improve indexing of your co-citation feeds and to give you a second set of co-citations through another high authority domain (Feedburner belongs to Google).

Because Feedburner has no API, RSS Authority Sniper uses your Feedburner account by pretending to be a person logging in to your Google account.

Sometimes you may encounter errors during the Feedburner login process as Google is always changing things, but these are usually easy to fix using the troubleshooting techniques in this article.

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

1. Linked Google Accounts

Google will sometimes automatically link two or more accounts together if you logged in a second time without logging out or you have an old persistent login cookie saved on your computer.

When this happens, Google will ask the application to select a Google account from those linked accounts. Unfortunately, this behavior interferes with the application being able to tell whether it is logged in or not, and so linked accounts are not supported.

If you encounter linked accounts, you will need to remove your Google Account cookies from your computer to allow RSS Authority Sniper to complete the login sequence normally.

To Check For Linked Accounts:

You can detect this issue by attempting to login on the Feedburner Tab of RSS Authority Sniper.

If login just spins without completing, click the CANCEL button on the login popup, and then click the "eye" icon on the screen to display the response that Google sent back to the application in the App's Mini-Browser.

If you see a "Choose Account" screen like the one below in the mini-browser, then you have two or more linked accounts and you need to remove your Google account cookies to get rid of the linked account problem.


One of the best ways to get rid of the Google persistent login cookies is with an application called CCleaner (Windows) which you can download for free. (A MAC version is also available here).

Before you Start Cleaning the Cookies:

Make sure RSS Authority Sniper and your browser are closed BEFORE cleaning the cookies. Otherwise the cookies may be held in memory and saved to disk again.

To remove Google Login cookies using CCleaner:

First open the Options > Cookies screen and ensure that all cookies from or are NOT in the Cookies to Keep list.

If you see any cookies in the right hand side list, move them to the cookies to delete list, and then run the Cleanup.

Now RSS Authority Sniper should be able to login to your feedburner account normally, and create the second RSS feed from your RankFeedr feeds.

Alternative Methods of Deleting Cookies and Un-Linking Accounts:

Linked accounts can also be caused by leftover cookies that were not completely deleted on logout from a google account. Clearing your system's browser cache and cookies using your system's native browser (IE on Windows, or Safari on Mac) can often help this issue.

Make sure that the RSS Authority Sniper app is closed before you clear cookies and cache, then close the native browser, and reboot.

If the above steps do not clear it up, on windows, you can also use the Flash Cookie Cleaner app to delete the remaining persistent cookies stored by flash. You can download the application here:

2. Google Account Security Prompts

Another issue that may sometimes occur during login to a Google account is the sending of unexpected security prompts.

Google may prompt the account owner to add a phone number, re-validate their account phone, or add an account recovery email, among other things.

When this happens and login doesn't complete, simply cancel the login popup and display the login browser by clicking the "eye" icon.

Answer any required security questions, or provide the information Google is asking for within the login browser window.

Once you have provided this information, your next login attempt should go through without any further issues.

Using the Manual Login Workaround

If you cannot remove the persistent login cookies for some reason or encounter other errors there is also a hidden "workaround" built into the application to allow you to login manually.

To execute a manual login, click the "Login" button to start the login sequence and then click  Cancel.

Now open the Mini-browser using the "Eye" icon and login to your account manually.

After login, make sure you are on the "My Feeds" page of Feedburner and close the mini-browser.

Now Right-Click the Login button, and answer Yes when it asks if you want to mark yourself as logged in manually.

Now you are logged in and can proceed to burn a new feed.