RSS Authority Sniper 2.0 uses the Mozscape data API to supply Domain Authority and Page Authority Scores for sites with available feeds to allow you to choose the best feeds for your co-citation feeds.

If you are not seeing the Domain Authority and Page Authority Scores for the scraped feed results on the second tab please check for the following potential causes:

1. Mozscape API keys are not installed in the Settings Tab.

You will need an account at to be able to use the Moz API. If you don't  have an account, you can get one here:

Once you have a Moz account,go into your Moz account and get your unique API Keys.

Go to the Settings Tab of RSS AuthoritySniper 2.0 and enter the Moz Access ID and Secret Key in the spots provided. Then Save the settings.

Your searches should now return the domain authority and page authority scores.

2. The Date/Time and Timezone on Your Computer are not correct.

Moz API calls have an expiration in seconds from the time of the first request.If the time settings on your computer are not correct and in sync with worldwide time, then the API calls may fail.

Please check your  computer time/date and Timezone settings and make sure they are correct.

3. Your Paid Moz Account May Have Been flagged.

The Moz API servers track usage very carefully, so if you are using your paid account in several different applications, your account can occasionally be flagged.

Please contact Moz support to get your account un-flagged.