Our desktop software products require permission to access the internet in order to perform their functions and to license after installation.

If you are having trouble registering the software, please check the following:

1. If you have just installed the software on your computer for the first time ever, and you cannot activate your license, please make sure your antivirus/firewall software is not blocking the application from reaching the internet. 

You may need to enter an exception in your security software for the application to give it permission to run and access the internet before you can successfully register it.

2. If you are trying to install the software on a different computer than you previously used and you only have one license key, please contact support and ask us to reset your license key for you, so you can move the software to another computer.

3. If you had the software registered on your computer and your license suddenly shows invalid, then your machine may have reset it's Network Mac address so the License server can no longer tell it's the same computer. 

Please contact support and ask us to reset your license for you and then see the knowledge base article "Software License Key Keeps Needing Resetting".