Moz's free data level is undergoing changes effective March 31st (Today). Here is a summary of the changes that may affect your usage in RSS Authority Sniper:

1. Moz is reducing the number of rows of data you can get to from 25,000 to 2500 rows in a month.

2. You will need to have a credit card on file to keep using the free data plan. (They say they will not charge your card unless you make a product purchase)

According to their emails on this topic, this is to reduce fraud. I suspect they mean that some folks have signed up for multiple accounts to evade the previous plan limits. Most people should find the 2500 rows per month is enough. 

If your Moz data stops being brought back into RSS Authority Sniper during feed search (Tab #2), go login to your Moz account and add a credit card.