Feedburner is a separate service controlled by Google, and as such is not under our day to day control.

Google can and does change it's login screens frequently, so you may from time to time find that you can't login to the service using the software.

Because this is something we can't control, the software has several fall back methods to allow you to sidestep the Feedburner Login while working, either by logging in manually from within the software, or if that fails, by going to Feedburner with your regular web browser, burning the feed there, and bringing the new Feedburner URL back to the software.

To follow the second method, (Manually burning the feed )

1. Go to the Feedburner Tab of the software after creating your RankFeedr feed.

2. You'll see the RankFeedr feed URL in the box labeled 4b, Submit Rankfeedr URL

3. Copy that URL and go to your Feedburner account using your regular web browser.

4. Login to your account and burn the Rankfeedr URL to a Feedburner Feed.

5. You'll receive a FeedBurner URL for your new feed.

6. Copy the Feedburner URL and go to the Ping tab of the software.

7. Paste the Feedburner URL in the appropriate box labeled Feedburner Feed URL. (The software will accept the pasted URL as if it had been created using the software.)

8. You can then complete the final Ping step normally. Just make sure all the boxes are filled in on the Ping tab.

This workaround makes it possible to keep on working even if Google has made surprise changes to their websites creating temporary problems with the software integration.