I purchased your product through one affiliate, but I want to get another affiliate's bonus. Can I change which affiliate gets credit for my purchase?

This is a tough issue, but unfortunately, no, there is currently no way to switch affiliates other than refunding the original purchase and buying again through the other affiliate's link.
(Please note that while you may ask for a refund and then buy again later, you will not get the same discount price for the second purchase. The new purchase will be at the current, usually higher price.)

How affiliate commission tracking works:

The reason that we cannot change who gets credit is two fold. First, the affiliate tracking system tracks affiliate commissions using cookies and is handled behind the scenes automatically through JVZoo, and we cannot directly edit who gets credit or change who the commission goes to. Usually when this happens it's because you may have visited another sales page and gotten another affiliate's cookie before you purchased. So unfortunately, we cannot change which affiliate gets your commission.

Secondly, the payments to affiliates are actually split with the affiliate at the time of sale instantly. So we can't take one affiliates commissions away and assign them to someone else because it has already been paid.

(Plus, Affiliates would be pretty UNHAPPY if we could and did take away their fairly earned referral commissions. Nor is it very ethical to "bonus hop" ie., purchase, get the bonus, refund, and then re-buy to get another bonus while keeping the first. We would HOPE that our customers understand that the way to get more in life is to be fair with others...)

We would suggest that if you want a specific affiliate's bonus, next time to completely clear your cookies first, then click on the affiliate's link and make your purchase without visiting any other pages between.