One common issue that new users of WikiLink Jacker may encounter is not finding many pages with dead links to work with when they enter very specific, narrow keywords in the WikiPage Search section.

The reason for this is that while Wikipedia has millions of pages, it's pages are on topics of wide interest, instead of very commercial narrow topics like "replacement windows" or "flat iron curling iron" that you may be trying to rank for.

But this doesn't mean there are no linking opportunities for your website that can give your website higher authority and thus make it easier to rank for keywords you are working on.

The Solution:

When searching for pages to claim dead links on, for best results, use keywords that are WIDER topics which are loosely related to your narrow keyword in your search.

Take the example of the keyword "replacement windows" below:

So for a narrow keyword like "Replacement windows" use a larger topic like "energy efficiency" or "home improvement" or even "architecture". These type of wider searches will yield more pages where you have an opportunity to create new content for dead links that includes references to replacement windows.

As another example, instead of "flat iron curling iron", use a wider search such as "hair care" or "hair styles". Again, the wider topic keyword searches are more likely to return related Wikipedia pages with broken links.

Remember, Wikipedia Links are NOT the same as the spammy, exact match anchor texts you may have been used to creating by the thousands in the past glory days of simple SEO. You only need a few from Wikipedia pages on loosely related topics to transfer authority and topic relevance to your site.

The big key to getting results from the tool you can work with is to think about what BIGGER topics are related to your keyword, and try a variety of more general keywords.