RSS Authority Sniper has a native logging feature which writes to a log file on your computer as searches are completed and accounts are logged into. This log file is useful in the case of an issue that needs to be debugged which the support time will sometimes ask you to supply, but over time, the log file can get pretty large.

Since the application has to rewrite the whole file to disk every time a line is added, when this file gets too large this can slow the application down.


If you are noticing that the application has started running very slowly, do the following:

1. Go to the settings panel

2. Turn the logging off and save the settings

3. Delete the existing log file by clicking on the red 'X" next to the "folder" icon

In most cases, this will restore the speed of the application to normal by eliminating the time it takes to write out the large log file.

If you do the above and don't see any change in the speed of the application, please submit a ticket for further assistance, but in most cases that fixes the issue.