Because Google Adword's API is not available to  any but the largest companies and Google does not respond to requests for access, TubeViperX's Keyword Analyzer emulates a user logging in via a browser to get keyword results for you.

However,  sometimes  during the login process there are unexpected responses from Google, such as security question pages, prompts to upgrade,  or to choose an account.

Most often, these are events that require human responses, such as entering a phone number, or selecting an account, so TubeViperX has an option to run the Keyword Analyzer in "Semi-Automatic"  mode, which will allow you to see the responses given by Google and respond.

Enabling and Using Semi-Automatic Mode in Keyword Analyzer

If you are having difficulties while the application is logging in to your Adwords account or being able to collect keywords, try enabling Semi-Automatic Mode in the settings of the application.

Once you have enabled Semi-Automatic mode, return to the Keyword Analyzer and try your search again.

After enabling Semi-Automatic mode, a window will open showing the embedded browser as it attempts to login to your Adwords account. To troubleshoot the cause of the login failure or failure to collect keywords, observe the pages that are loaded, and respond to any security questions, captchas or other required questions served by Google.

If you encounter an Account Chooser screen like the one below, please use the "Remove" links on the screen to remove extra Google accounts that may be linked to this account.

Then click the "X" to remove each account from being linked as shown below. Then click the "Done" link to complete the unlinking.

TubeViperX does not support using linked accounts, but Google often links accounts together because of persistent account login cookies, so you may encounter this issue even if you have not intentionally linked your accounts together.

Once you have removed linked accounts or responded to any security questions or other human required screens served  by Google, you should be able to login to your account and get normal results. You can then put Keyword Analyzer back into Automatic Mode.

Collecting Keywords In Semi-Automatic Mode:

It may be necessary to run the application in semi-automatic mode all the way through the collection of keywords once or twice before placing it back in Automatic mode.

1. To finish collecting keywords in Semi-Automatic mode, Click on the Search for new keywords option.

2. Fill in your keyword in the search box as shown below

3. Click on the Get Ideas button at the bottom of the keyword search form

4. When the Adgroup suggestions load, then switch the view to the Keywords tab.

5. When the keyword ideas populate the table on the keyword ideas tab, click the Collect Keyword Results button at the top of the embedded browser window. 

TubeViperX will scrape the loaded keywords from the screen as normal and automatically close the browser window.