Because Wikipedia is a community moderated  website, it's important to become a helpful member of the Wikipedia community before attempting to add your own links to pages. Blending in to the community makes it much less likely that your website links will  be removed because one of the moderators gets suspicious of your linking behavior.

Here are a few strategies that work for us when getting a new Wikipedia account set up:

  1. Don't use an email address at your website domain - This is a big footprint on your account.
  2. Don't use a username that contains a desired seo keyword - doing this is a dead giveaway that you are there to build links.
  3. DO go through Wikipedia's tutorials to learn about how content on Wikipedia should be written.
  4. DO work through Wikipedia's "Game" to learn how to edit pages
  5. DO visit the community portal and find small projects to help out with for a few days before you attempt to create any links.
  6. Don't ONLY edit dead links after breaking in your account-- include some other edits between links to show moderators you are not a spammer.

There is a full discussion of these strategies in the Bonus Webinar Replay in the members area which we recommend you watch in entirety before you start building links.